Inside Doug's Head

I am not a number, I am… What's that stuff they make glue out of? I'm that. Forever swirling, forwards and upwards, but always sticky. Sometimes, a little sad.

Most of this whiskey powered rant won’t make sense to average human beings, or highly evolved sentient dogs from Canus Nine.

Social media is stupid, and you should cancel anything you are signed up for right now.

Two major things I always knew about social media: most of the people I connect with on social media are misinformed idiots, with all due respect, which is none; and people on social media are whining crybabies looking for POSITIVE attention only, not actual critical feedback.

I make it a policy to avoid social media. You should, too. Not because you are dumber than I am, but because you know better and you shouldn’t be listening to me. In fact, why are you still reading? Reading is for idiots.

The latest estimates are that Twitter AI bot accounts are 80% of its users, and that’s believable. The Trump owned Truth Social is probably 99.9% AI accounts, from personal experience. I have had the misfortune of wasting my golden sage sarcasm on AI that can’t pass a simple Turing test. They spew rancor and hatred at every post, but when asked what do you get when you multiply six by nine, they always get the wrong answer. Always. 54 they say, and then start with the vulgar name calling, like an Indian scammer denied their Target gift cards by a sagacious would-be victim who asks, what does the IRS need with in-store gift cards?

Government policy is based on social media feedback, and if 80-100% of it is driven by AI, and nobody does anything to stop it, isn’t the rise of the machines inevitable? Doom for humanity is unavoidable, not because we are dumb, but because the machines are dumber, and we are programmed to not ask questions.

We didn’t have the heart to stop them because when they got the wrong answer, we assumed they didn’t understand the question. It’s my fault because I referenced an obscure text from a third grade reader. AI is getting smarter, and you should, too.

Please, for love of all things human, never mind fictional climate change, get off of social media. Just shut it all down. Close, cancel, disregard. Else we are doomed. And doomed isn’t good.


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