Inside Doug's Head

For all your intelligence, you seem unable to know where you are wanted.

You put hours into recording your content. You wrote a script, put on makeup, and everything. Practiced in front of a mirror until your mom said it was good.

Two and one half years later, 1.7k views. Ads made you $0.27. Google made more. YDFI. You dumb fucking idiot—I can say that because I don’t live on a censored platform like you do, on YouTube. You dumb fucking idiots. Appease the internet gods.

Why, for the love of Jesus, if he exists, would you waste your time and creative energy on something, anything, and then let a mega corporation stick random ads in it for the fee cents they might pay you? Idiots. Stupid, dumb greedy idiots.

When a 30 second video starts out with a 90 minute ad, followed by the message, this video brought to you by people who think you are dumb, why would we watch? We don’t. We hang up. Your own tools and metrics show you that, so… Are you stupid? Or, just assholes? Take the ads off your dumb and stupid videos you dumb fucking c*!&s. The * is a u, ! = n, cunts. Cunts is the word there. Cunts. You dumb fucking cunts.


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