Inside Doug's Head

For all your intelligence, you seem unable to know where you are wanted.

First, they came for the lightbulbs, but I said nothing since I am not a lightbulb.

They took away our grocery bags, and I said nothing since I am not a bag.

Then, they came for our words, language, and culture, but I said nothing because I am none of those.

They came for our vehicles, but I am not a car, so I said nothing.

They took away our meat and replaced it with insects and plants, and I said nothing because I am not meat.

Then they took our heat, hot water, and our stoves, but I did not complain because I don’t think I need those things.

They ignored public safety in favor of chaos and mayhem, but I don’t care because entropy always increases with time.

One day, they came for our independence, freedom, and self sufficiency, but it was too late for me to complain.

It was dark and cold at the protest, and I had no way of getting there. Even so, I was too weak from malnutrition to stand up for anything.

The billionaires at Davos and the WEF really need to piss off. Right now, they are all in one place, like the evil villains of DOOM, who are also dreaming of ways to control the weather. Where are the nukes when you need them?


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