Inside Doug's Head

I am not a number, I am… What's that stuff they make glue out of? I'm that. Forever swirling, forwards and upwards, but always sticky. Sometimes, a little sad.

A senior H’s executive that I know claims that they have already filed the paperwork to change the name of the Hershey’s Chocolate Company to HimHes Solid Brown Sugar Stuffs to better reflect the current male dominance on various female archetypes. Her-She’s just wasn’t carrying the weight with the LGBTQ-plus the mentally ill crowd anymore.

What if you were IBM advertising on YouTube to giant snack food companies, or global banks wanting to crunch billions of transactions against compliance controls? What if, after spending billions of dollars on marketing, you realized, YouTube viewers are none of those things? All you did was ruined your brand. Idiots. Should you get fired? …

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