Inside Doug's Head

For all your intelligence, you seem unable to know where you are wanted.

At least to me:

Paris May Day protest turns ugly as French people show up to protest. French peeps are/is/always shall be ugly, FYI. It’s the face. Right there, in the face. Homely. Face.

Former prosecutor turned star witness says she won’t be silenced, because she can’t stop talking. Husband agrees. Tried to shut her up years ago, now here we are.

Jonathan Frakes tells you things. None of them good. Many are dark. Some may lead to criminal charges against Captain Picard.

Why is it spelled “camouflage” (no q’mark.)

Cockatiel sings iPhone ringtone. Sadness ensues. Questions follow.

What if Arthur brings (should be takes) the Legendary Bullgator to the camp. Again, no question mark?

Nobody believed me when I said my cat does this: (praying for death). Watches cat eat human flesh, likely from dead elderly neighbor.

Gutfield: San Francisco is spiraling out of control. Yes, like a sick cat falling out of a short California tree. Send help.

Rabid Fox. News? No! Questions?

Lieber Gott! I need to leave California!


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