Inside Doug's Head

For all your intelligence, you seem unable to know where you are wanted.

Pretty simple, really. It doesn’t take nine seasons to explain, and Neil Patrick Harrison doesn’t grow up to become the guy from Full House. What’s his name? Five letters, starts with S. Not, Pat Sajak, he’s the wheel of misfortune guy. Bob Saget. That’s the guy; he died from the vaccine or the many boosters.

Your mom and I met at university. She was there, studying Engineering. So was I, doing the same thing. We were the only two who got a particularly difficult question in Dynamics right, and she literally jumped into the seat next to me to compare notes. She was weird, and awkward, and I immediately fell in love with her, so I rebuffed her and told her to go away.

A while later, we met again in the hallway of one of those campus building things, went out for lunch, and got married a few months after that. October 6th, 1990. Lived mostly happily ever after. She tells the story differently, though.


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